A "moreish" selection of cakes ideal to serve with coffee anytime of the day. Easy to slice...........Easy to eat.
All priced at £13.95 each.
Kentish Apple Cake
Moist Spice Cake,
Sultanas, Bramley Apples
Dolly Folly Cake
Moist Vanilla Cake
Strawberry Preserve

Moist Coconut Cake,
Raspberry Jam, Butter Cream
Coconut & Raspberry
Coffee & Walnut Cake
Moist Coffee Cake
with Nibbed Walnuts
& Coffee Icing
Moist Toffee Sponges -
Caramel Feathered Top
Caramel Layer Cake
Moist Lemon Cake,
Blueberry Preserve,
Buttercream & Lemon Icing
Lemon & Blueberry
Moist Coffee Cake
Coffee Icing
Coffee Cake
Farmhouse Fruit Cake
Moist Spicy Cake, Cherries, Sultanas Mixed Peel
Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms