Quiche at £13.50 each
Cheese and Onion
Quiche Lorraine
Stilton and Broccoli
Spanish ( mixed peppers )
Tomato and Basil
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable
Shortcrust Pastry -Finest Freshest Ingredients - Mature Cheddar Cheese
Cocktail Quiche
Shallow 7cm dia
£0.85p each
Starter Quiche - Deep 8.5cm dia
£1.15 each
Individual Quiche
Boxed in 10s £20.50
Crispy Bacon & Mushroom
Our Special Quiches at £14.95 each
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable
Crispy Bacon & Mushroom
Ricotta, Spinach & Mushroom
Brie & Smokey Bacon
Tender Stem Broccoli and Goats Cheese
Caramelised Red Onion, Cream Cheese &
                                                       Baby Leaf Spinach
Chefs Savouries
Shortcrust Pastry - Succulent Meat - Tasty Gravies using Meat Juices
Savoury Pies
Steak & Kidney Pie
Steak, Ale & Mushroom Pie
Steak & Stilton Pie
Steak, Onion & Guinness Pie
Also sold as Individuals in all flavours.
Boxed in 12s @ £2.95 each.
All Pies at £21.50.
Chicken, Bacon & Onions
Steak, Onion & Guinness Pie
Chicken, Leek & Bacon Pie
Chicken, Whole Grain Mustard & Mushroom
Chicken, Smokey Bacon & Onions
Chefs Porkie Pie
(Sausagemeat, Leeks and Cheddar)